29 October 2010

29 October - Nevada Admission Day (observed)

Nevada, the Silver State, the Battle Born, was admitted to the Union as the 36th state on October 31, 1864.

Yes, I know that everyone considers it as the place for gambling and easy marriages (and equally easy divorces).  It is...  But let us also remember the first travelers through here: the Pima, the Ute, the Spanish/Mexicans and their descendants, the mountain-men, the Mormon Battalion, the silver miners, the sheepherders, and yes, the gamblers and those vampires who live off of the lifeblood of gamblers.

And so we come to Nevada Day.  For four days, from today through Monday, you can enjoy the Official Celebration in the state capital of Carson City, with several events guaranteed to keep the whole family amused. This year, the theme is "100 Years of Aviation in Nevada".

(Actually, the celebrations started awhile back: the Nevada Day Treasure hunt started on October 5th (mark your calendars for next year) and then a week ago the cemetery tour, the ghost walk, and the Carson City Symphony.  The RSVP Carnival (Retired and Seniors Volunteer Program) started yesterday and goes on until midnight on Sunday.)

The Grand Marshal's Dinner is tonight, the Grand Marshal being Dick Rutan, 'the aviator who piloted the Voyager aircraft on the first-ever non-stop, unrefueled flight around the world.'  Tomorrow (the 30th) are most of the events, starting with the Balloon Launch and the Pancake Breakfast (proceeds go towards scholarships),  the Classic Run/Walk (benefits the Special Olympics) -  THE PARADE -  followed by the Beard Contest (so Western!  North-easterners don't know what a proper beard is), the Chili Feed, Championship Band Awards (yes, The Widow once played an instrument in Marching Band, for her sins and those of the Music Teacher), the Pinewood Derby, a Rock Drilling Contest (from the days when a man's life and limbs could be sacrificed to the correct placement of the dynamite), the Silver State Rumble, and rides on the Nevada State Railroad Museum Steam Train (The Widow loves trains!)

There is also the Governor's Mansion Tour , and, so dear to The Widow's heart, the Governor's Ball, wherein required attire is "Victorian, Civil War, and/or Formal Western."  Oh, yeah!  Let me don one of those '70s bustles, and I will be right there, waltzing with a guy in a bolo tie!

On Sunday, the Capitol City Community Band gives a concert; a welcome interlude while your progeny get their fill of Carnival Rides and the wonderful Carnival Food (that Mom never makes).

And this is just Carson City!  If you can leave the gaming tables long enough, there might be celebrations to attend in Reno and Las Vegas, as well.