22 October 2010

22 October - Hunter's Moon

Astronomy: Tonight is the full moon called the Hunter's Moon; like the preceding Harvest Moon of September, its light in the early evening allowed men to continue their employments in the fields - agricultural field or hunting field - and with winter announcing its coming in the northern latitudes, every hour that could be spent gathering food was utilized.

As with the Harvest Moon, now would be a good time for a festival to celebrate a successful season - there are not many days left before our employments and celebrations must be held indoors. 

The Tippecanoe County (Indiana) Historical Association celebrates a two-day Feast of the Hunter's Moon, recreating the gathering of Voyageurs and Indians at the French settlement and trading post, Fort Ouiatenon.  This year, it was held on the 2nd and 3rd of October; in 2011, it will be held on the 24th and 25th of September.  By all accounts, it is well attended and a lot of fun, so mark your calendars accordingly.

Just looking at their schedule of events for this year, it is hard to believe that everything can be done in two days; Fashion shows, Minstrel shows, games, story-telling, drilling, artillery demonstrations, and music by members of the military, Native American and Colonial French dancing... check out their Schedule of Events to see all.

Naturally, at a Rendezvous of men coming back from long months of trapping with furs for sale or barter, there must be goods to buy from sutlers and peddlers alike.  And of course, food - including Buffalo Stew and something called Desperation Pie (which sounds wonderful if you have a sweet tooth, and I do!) - but don't worry!  The Colonial Tavern has ale to wash it down!

And try your hand at the Tomahawk Throwing Challenge - aim true, and don't let it land amidships, as Ed Ames did on the Tonight Show, many moons ago.
 Tonight you can tour the 'infamous Lone Mountain Cemetery in Carson City, Nevada.  I like their other name "aka, Friends in Low Places".  Not sure what makes the cemetery infamous (but a link on that page might give a clue); the advertisement says that it is "not recommended for young-ins", which means that it is probably plenty scary, and not recommended for The Widow as well, but those of you with stout hearts who go on haunted hayrides and through haunted houses and haunted factories (and all those other deliciously frightening tours) will enjoy it.

There is a Ghost Walk, as well, tomorrow afternoon, which is more like what The Widow can handle.  A little (self-administered) Hard Cider, and The Widow can handle anything!

And the Carson City Symphony gives a concert at 4 pm on Sunday, the 24th, with "Halloween & Harmonicas", featuring Harmonica Soloist Jia-Yi He.  And, of course, "Night on Bald Mountain" (one of The Widow's favorite pieces).