02 October 2010

2 October - Guardian Angels; A. Hitchcock and Twilight Zone

Today we honor our Guardian Angels, those companions who are with us from the very beginning of our existence, through life, through death, through what follows.  They represent us and intercede for us at the throne of God; if allowed, they will guide us through the vicissitudes of the day; at the end they accompany us to the Judgment Seat.

For most of us, they have quite a full schedule of trying to influence us to do right.

There is a lot of hooey out there about finding out the name of your guardian angel, and such-like.  Don't do it.  It is counter-productive.  Just ask them to pray for you and guide you.  That's really all you need. 

Today in 1955, Alfred Hitchcock Presents premiered on CBS television;

four years later, Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone premiered on your same CBS channel (yes, children, most of my generation grew up with 3 channels: ABC, NBC, and CBS.)

and after that, The Outer Limits ("There is nothing wrong with your television set..."), and Night Gallery, (Mr. Serling, again) and eventually, The Hitchhiker and Are You Afraid of the Dark?  They all gave me goose pimples, if not nightmares.  So delightful!

Popcorn definitely in order for a marathon of any of the above.