13 August 2016


For all my fellow southpaws, cack-handers, gauche and sinister people,

It is International Left-Handers’ Day. 

Right thinking

It is a day for finding lots of articles explaining who we are.  In one article, I found:

On the one hand:
     We’re more likely to drink (alcohol)           (check)
     We’re more likely to be shy and easily embarrassed         (check) 
     We’re more prone to negative feelings      (check)
     We aren’t likely to get over those negative feelings anytime soon    (definite check)
     We scare easily     (check)
     We’re more likely to be dyslexic  (check)  and ADHD types  (check)
     We’re more likely to be schizophrenic  (we’re not sure)
     We’re more likely to have mood disorders    (check)

On the same hand:
     We are supposedly more artistic.
     We are better at divergent thinking. 
     We are less at risk for ulcers.
     We are more likely to outlast rightie-tighties.   

So say it loud and say it proud – 
Lefties rule,
Righties drool.