04 July 2012

4 July - Saint Martin Bullion

Weather - If Bullion's Day be dry, there will be an early harvest.

If the deer rise up dry and lie down dry on Bullion's day, there will be a good harvest.

If it rains on Bullion's Day, it will rain for forty days.

If it rains on the fourth of July, there will be no grapes that year.


In medieval calendars, the translation of the relics of St. Martin of Tours [NOT ‘of Bullion’] was celebrated today.

At Tours, the translation of St. Martin, bishop and confessor, and the Dedication of his Basilica, which took place on the anniversary of his elevation to the episcopate some years previous.
Roman Martyrology

This is the same Saint Martin celebrated on 11 November, who divided his soldier’s cloak to cover a beggar, only to see a vision of Christ wearing it.  He later became a bishop.

Pace Robert Chambers and all who copy him, but the ‘Bullion’ part of his name comes from the French le bouilliant (the boiling), a perfect description of his summer feast day, and a way to differentiate it from that of November.

This is also the Widow’s wedding anniversary.  You’ll never guess what our wedding colors were.
The Shot-gun wedding photo (no it actually wasn't, but thanks for asking)

The local bakery had a lot of fun with this

My love, I promised ‘til death us do part’. 
Not even death, my dearest friend, not even death…