27 July 2012

28 July - Cromwell and Robespierre

Astronomy: Get up and out in the wee hours before dawn for the next few days to watch the Delta Aquarids. EarthSky says that while it favors the southern latitudes, those in the north may see 15-20 per hour

The Widow is in a rather dark mood today.

Thomas Cromwell, who (among other things) engineered the dissolution of the monasteries and destruction of the shrines during Henry VIII’s government takeover of the Church in England,


Maximilien (Francois Marie Isidore de) Robespierre who (among other things) engineered the destruction of the ruling powers during the Jacobin takeover of the government of France,

went to their government-sanctioned Rewards today in the same way…. sort of.  Cromwell ‘so patiently suffered the stroke of the axe by a ragged and butcherly miser which very ungoodly performed the office’ in 1540, while Robespierre received the much quicker and cleaner kiss of Madame Guillotine in 1794, but the end result was the same – no heads.

Well, they created their destroyers, and caused the destruction of thousands in their own time and millions afterward, but requiescat in pace anyway.

Suitable for today would be a cocktail known as HEADLESS HORSEMAN.

Into a 12 oz. Tom Collins glass, put 2 ounces of vodka and 3 dashes of bitters.  Add several cubes of ice, fill with dry ginger ale and stir.  Decorate with an orange slice.

Imbibe carefully or you’ll probably wish you were headless.