20 March 2011

20 March - Vernal Equinox

Weather: As the wind and weather at the equinoxes, so they will be for the next three months.

If a storm comes from the east today (or in the next week), the summer will be dry; if from the southwest, the summer will be wet.

Easterly gales without rain foretell a dry summer.

If the wind is northeast or north at noon of the equinox, there will be no fine weather until midsummer. If the wind is southwest or south, there will be fine weather until midsummer.

A southwest wind at the equinox indicates rain.

If the wind is northeast at the equinox, it will be a good season for wheat and bad for other kinds of grain.  If south or south-west, it will be a good season for other kinds of grain and bad for wheat.

The vernal equinoctial gales are stronger than the autumnal.

The first three days of any season rule the weather for that season.

Lightning in Spring indicates a good fruit year.
"March" from the Tres Riche Heures
Astronomically speaking, winter turns into spring at 7:21 tonight, at least for those in the northern hemisphere.  The days are getting warmer and longer, the sun is moving higher in the sky.  We are out in our yards cleaning up the debris left by winter and planning this year's gardens.  The last couple of days have been warm enough that I can open the windows and let some 'real air' circulate throughout the house.

And soon, the voice of the mower will be heard in the land...

If the weather is agreeable and you have a burn permit, why not gather all the fallen branches, dead wood, and garden clearings into a pile and have a vernal bonfire (the ashes can be worked back into your garden again).