18 March 2011

18 March - Ember Day;

Weather: Ember Day - the weather today foretells the weather of May.

Started out overcast (but warm), then sunny (and warm), then overcast with high winds (but still warm).
According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, chipmunks emerge from hibernation about now.  Soon they will be hanging out below the bird-feeders, taunting the sparrows into throwing seeds down on them.

And if they are not careful, soon I will find little chipmunk corpses on the back steps - presents from the true Rulers of the Yard.

And Spring is here at last in the Smallest State! (Not that it won't be cold until May - that's a given.) The crocuses (croci?) are blooming all over the yard.

Lovely, just lovely...

I think today I will just celebrate the Return of the Croci (and that I've been allowed to see them once again).