06 September 2010

6 September - Labor Day

Weather: "As on the 6th, so for the next four weeks."
And with Hurricane/Tropical Storm Earl finally past the New England coast, the day is forecast to be sunny and comfortable.

Today, the first Monday in September, the United States celebrates Labor Day.  So drink beer (the working man's tipple) and celebrate all those who fought - and sometimes died - for decent wages and working conditions.

For many, this will be the last weekend to enjoy the beach or the mountains - a last camping trip, a last cookout, a goodbye to summer - before the school year starts and summer is officially over.

For those of us living in vacation destinations, it marks the last time we must put up with the cone-eaters, the out-of-towners, whose tourist dollars fund our economies, but who we are secretly glad to see the tail-lights of, as they return to inflict their horrible manners on their own neighbors.

I will be raising my glass, not only to my laboring forebears, but also to the herd of receding tail-lights.