17 September 2010

17 September - Ember Day; Stigmata of St. Francis; The Wild, Wild West

Weather: Ember day.  Weather today foretells the weather for November.
Rain in the morning, a little sunshine, and then overcast for the rest of the day.  Will November be a dreary month?
Today, in traditional calendars, is the memorial in honor of the Stigmata of Saint Francis (yes, the same 'Saint Francis' that you find in gardens, usually with a bird or two in hand). 

While praying and meditating on the suffering and supreme sacrifice of Our Lord, Francis had a vision in which he received the gift of the Five Wounds of Christ, thus making him more like the Master he served.  There are several accounts of this miracle, some very imaginative.  Meditations and prayers in honor of this day can be found here and here.


Today in 1965, The Wild, Wild West premiered on CBS.

What can I say?  Two handsome leading men, ingenious villains and villainesses, and some really cool gadgets, not the least of which can be found on their train - and all played on the backdrop of the West of the Imagination.

I loved it!  Especially the gorgeous female costumes (I love bustles!)

Unfortunately, it was the sacrificial lamb for watch-dog groups concerned that There Was Too Much Violence on TV (there was.  The news broadcasts brought most of it into our living rooms.  Nobody canceled them or told them to tone it down).  Rumor has it that the watch-dog groups were headed by a politician from the Smallest State.  That figures.

Thankfully, the show is available on DVD.