10 August 2013

10 August - Saint Lawrence of Rome

Weather: If on Saint Lawrence's Day the weather be fine, fair autumn and good wine may be hoped for.
[Clear and sunny!  Huzzah for a good vintage!]

 If it is fine on St. Laurence’s day and the day of the Assumption, there will be a good vintage.
[Fingers crossed for Assumption]

“Assatus sum; jam versa et manduca”
(“I am done; turn me over and eat me”) 

At Rome, on the Tiburtine road, the birthday of the blessed archdeacon Lawrence, a martyr during the persecution of Valerian.  After much suffering from imprisonment, from scourging with whips set with iron or lead, from hot metal plates, he at last completed his martyrdom by being slowly consumed on an iron instrument made in the form of a gridiron.  His body was buried by blessed Hippolytus and the priest Justin in the cemetery of Cyriaca, in the Veran field.

Lawrence holds a book, a purse, and his gridiron

There is more about Lawrence here.

Also, the Perseids, the “Tears of Saint Lawrence” begin to peak now.  If you have clear night skies, go outside and enjoy them.  Peak will be Monday morning in the dark hours before dawn, but the shooting stars will be shooting all night.
Saint Lawrence, from “The Hours of Catherine of Cleves”, 15th century. The Morgan Library, New York.