14 January 2013

14 January - Saint Hilary

Weather - St. Hilary's day is the coldest (or wettest) day of the year.

Well, not this year, at least not in Rudd's Little Acre.  Here we are in the midst of what I call the "January Teasers", lovely, warm days that gull the unwary into thinking that winter is over and spring is just around the corner.

O gullible ones!  Be not tempted to put away thy winter woolies and unpack thy summer outfits.  Within a couple of days, the thermometer will plunge once more to normal (i.e. very cold) winter temperatures, and many will be the sufferers from suddenly contracted colds.  Keep thy heavy sweaters and thy long underwear, for soon the day cometh again when thou shalt shiver and sit close to the radiator.

This is (or was) also the Feast of the Ass.

The Lord be with you.
And with your Ass.

(Works for me)