19 December 2012

19 December - Ember Day

WeatherEmber Day – the weather today indicates the weather of January.

Today is the first of the Winter Ember Days, the other two being this coming Friday and Saturday.  These are days set aside in every quarter of the year during which we fast and pray, thanking God for his many blessings, and asking for the grace to use them well and in the service of others.

For the fun of it, I took again the Medieval Personality test, and this year – or at least right now – I am Phlegmatic.

The Phlegmatic:
   Is deliberative; slow in making decisions; perhaps overcautious in minor matters.
   Is indifferent to external affairs.
   Is reserved and distant. [painfully shy…]
   Is slow in movement. [Yeah, well, creaking old bones and a tendency to embonpoint can account for that…]
   Has a marked tendency to persevere.
   Exhibits a constancy of mood. [Yep, even-keel, that’s I]

(And enjoys hibernating before the fire)

Meanwhile, I have been checking the weather to see how close the prognostications for the month have come.  These were the ones for December:

Weather for December:
Based on the 12 Days of Christmas: Sunny and less cold.
Based on the first 12 days of January: Rain, wind, cold, raw.  Brrrr…
Based on the Ember Days: Dark clouds in the morning, bright sunshine in the afternoon.

The last Sunday of the month indicates the weather for next month: The last Sunday of November had clear skies and high winds, very chilly high winds.

Well, here we are in the last half of the month, and so far, at least in this corner of the Smallest State, most of the days have been plenty darksome, with overcast, rain, threatened rain, fog – no appreciable snow yet, God be thanket.  But while we haven’t had many sunny days, it has been less cold than could be expected

Speaking of snow, another weather superstition is that the date on which the first snow falls indicates the number of snows we will have that winter.  Our first snow (a mere dusting) was on the 27th of November, which means we can look forward to twenty-seven snows.  Oh, joy…  Couldn’t have waited a few more days and fallen on the 1st of December, could it?

(The Widow is not overly fond of snow, except for the picture-postcard kind which falls on the fields and leave the roads and sidewalks clear.  When she was growing up (in California), she went to the snow, it did not come to her.  Those were days when people put chains on their tires after hieing themselves to the mountains for some Winter Recreation.)

One final superstition:  The general character of the weather during the last twenty days of December will rule the weather for winter. Starting from the 12th, the weather has been nearly half and half, so far.  Three continuous days of bright sunshine, followed by five days of overcast and rain.  I wonder which will prevail?