28 October 2012

28 October - Saint Simon and Saint Jude

Today we celebrate Saint Simon and Saint Jude, Apostles.  The traditions of the day can be found here.

Simon and Jude is almost certain to be rainy (and that is for certain today for many of us along the East Coast.  There is an unwelcome and very messy visitor named Sandy on her way)

There is oft times a tempest on St. Jude.  (Well, this time it is the beginnings of a tempest)

Winter comes on the day of St. Simon and St. Jude.

If it doesn’t rain on SS. Simon and Jude, it won’t rain until Saint Cecilia’s day (Nov 22)  (That’s knocked right out.  Stand by for le deluge.  We should get enough to last us until St. Cecilia)


And this being the fourth Sunday in October, it is Mother-in-Law Day.