28 September 2012

28 September - There are no Stupid Questions

Wanna bet?

Today is (I am informed) National Ask A Stupid Question Day.

Go for it.  Be bold.  You know you want to.  Might have to hustle a bit though.  The media pretty much has the monopoly on stupid questions these days.

"Did Jesus have a wife?"

"Isn't Obama the greatest thing since sliced bread?"

"Will the Pope's butler be burned at the stake like Galileo?"

"If I read it on the Internet, is it true?"

"If I set up a poll and only ask those people who are likely to agree with me, and then publish the results that 99% of Americans think like I do, does that mean they do?"

"If my pet boa gets out of what I was sure was a secure domicile, should I tell the people in charge of the dorm?"

"What if it's just a garter snake?"

and on... and on....

So celebrate like crazy.  Ask all those questions that you know are stupid.  Ignore the rolling eyes and shaking heads.

This is the day to do it.

And this is the uniform of the day....