26 August 2012

26 August - For my sister

Lordy, lordy, looks who's....

Nope, she's long past that.  She's goin' for the gold!

(the other candles are hiding in the back)

Happy birthday, sis.  Welcome to the golds.


Weather - Tradition says that it always rains today. [tradition is in the Caribbean today]

The last Sunday of the month indicates the weather for the next month [we started with a little fog this morning, but it is now bright sunshine, clear blue skies, and enough of a breeze to make sitting on the porch the object of the day]

Speaking of which...

There will be as many snows in the following winter as there are fogs in August [one so far]

So many August fogs, so many winter mists [one so far]

On the other hand...

A fog in August indicates a severe winter and plenty of snow [so it looks like that one snow is going to be a doozy]

Observe on what day in August the first heavy fog occurs, and expect a hard freeze on that same date in October [preparatory to the severe winter]