13 May 2012

Mother's Day

A.H. and Caroline Smith, 1868

For Mother’s Day this year, here is a Carte de visite (albumen process) from 1868 of my great-great-grandmother Caroline Daugherty Smith with her husband and first two children.

Caroline was two months from her fifteenth birthday when she married the German farmer next door.  Her 14th and last child was born in 1885 when she was 40.  In between, there was the War between the States, Reconstruction in Texas, Comanche raids, the great herds of longhorns going north out of Texas (her half-brother Charlie Goodnight gave his name to the Loving-Goodnight Trail), bank failures, depressions, railroads criss-crossing the land, and over it all the day-to-day struggle to raise a family.

God bless her, and all mothers today.