29 November 2011

29 November - St. Andrew's Eve

Tomorrow being the feast of Saint Andrew, tonight is St. Andrew's Eve, and another day for trying to figure out who you will marry.

To Andrew all the lovers and the lustie wooers come,
Beleeving through his ayde, and certaine ceremonies done,
(While as to him they presentes bring, and conjure all the night)
To have good lucke, and to obtaine their chiefe and sweete delight.

When you retire for the night (and hopefully you have the room to yourself), take off all your clothes and say a prayer to Saint Andrew (like the following), asking for a worthy husband, and oh-by-the-way, can you know what kind of person he will be.

"Deus, Deus meus, O Sancte Andrea, effice ut bonem pium acquiram virum;
hodie mii ostende qualis sit cui me in uxorem ducere debet."

"Heavenly patron, Saint Andrew dear
Please won't you show me a picture clear
Of the man whom thou hast chosen for me?
Whether he handsome or homely be,
Or young in years or maybe old,
Or still and shy, or loud and bold;
I do not mind his manner and way,
Just make him love me, this I pray."

Then climb into bed.  You should dream of your future husband (let's hope you are wearing something in your dream).  And the nights being really chilly right now, it would take a great deal of determination to get into bed with nothing on.

Also, if you hear any barking dogs tonight, note their location - your future husband will come from that direction.

You can try the apple peel again.  Take an apple and peel it, keeping the cut peel in one continuous piece.  Then throw it gently over your left shoulder and see if it resembles a letter of the alphabet.  If so, that is the first letter of the name of your future spouse or someone who is very interested in you.  If not... well, you won't be getting engaged any time soon.

If you wish to learn the color of your true love's hair, take hold of the latch of the house door and repeat three times, "Gentle love, if thou lovest me, show thyself".  Then open the door quickly and make a rapid grasp through it into the darkness; you should then find in your hand a lock of his hair.

To learn which of the persons present will likely marry one day, set a vessel filled with pure water on the table.  Inscribe little foil cups with the names of those seeking their fortune, and also a few inscribed with the names of priests. Set them all afloat in the water.  If a young man’s cup clings to a young lady’s cup, or vice versa, the two will be sweethearts.  BUT! It is only when the male and female cups get a priest between them that they can look forward to marriage.

In Poland it is called Andrzejki.  (On-jay-kee)  Learn your fortune by dropping melted wax through the hole of an old-fashioned (and large) key into a bowl of cold water; let it solidify, then take the resultant shape out.  Hold it up to a wall with a light behind you (a candle is traditional); the shape of the shadow cast on the wall tells your future.  The interpretation of the shape is up to you, but here are some shapes and their meanings to give you a few ideas:
Airplane - a journey
Apples - success
Balloon - your troubles won't last long
Bell - unexpected news
Bird - good news very soon
Boat - a visit from a friend
Bridge - you will receive an offer
Car - good fortune is on its way
Cherries - your love affair will be happy
Clouds - trouble ahead
Clover - happiness
Cow - prosperity
Crown - your wish will come ture
Cup - success will follow your efforts
Daisy - you will be happy in your love
Dog - you have a true friend
Dragon - there is a sudden change coming
Faces - you will attend a party with many friends
Geese - you will have unexpected visitors
Grapes - much happiness is in store
Guitar - you will be happy in love
Hand - friendship and success
Hat - a new occupation
Head - new opportunities
Heart - a trustworthy friend
Hen - happiness at home
Letters of the alphabet - initials of friends or loved ones
Jug - good health
Key - all doors will be opened for you
Ladder - a promotion
Ring - engagement or marriage in your future
Ship - successful journey
Snake - you have an enemy
Square - comfort and peace
Star - good luck and success
Tent - a journey
Tower - you will be offered a good opportunity
Trees - a change for the better

A group of unmarried girls can take off their left shoes, line them up heel to toe from the back of the room (opposite the door), and then take the shoe at the very back of the line and move it to the front of the line.  Continue doing this until a shoe fully crosses the threshold of the door - the owner of that shoe will be the first to marry.

Write a different man's name on each of several pieces of paper and put them under your pillow.  In the morning, reach under your pillow and pull out a piece of paper - the name on it will be the name of your future husband.

In Romania, tonight is the Night of the Vampires, who are supposed to come out and entice people to their destruction (time for garlic necklaces).

First rule for tonight: Don't talk to vampires.  They will stand outside your window trying to get in, but don't listen to them.

Also, the animals will be talking tonight, but don't listen to them either.  To do so is to invite very bad luck, and maybe even death.

There are several ways to see the face of your future spouse.  To dream of him, place sweet basil or a wooden comb under your pillow. Or take a lit candle out to a spring or well, and look into the water to see his reflection there.  No well handy?  Then stand before a mirror with a candle on either side of you, and you should see him looking over your shoulder. (And if you notice somebody standing next to you, but there is still no reflection, get that garlic up around your neck quick!)

And if all else fails, wearing a belt of garlic around your waist is supposed to bring suitors, none of them the blood-sucking kind.