01 June 2011


Astronomy for June: Full Strawberry Moon on the 15th (which will be eclipsed for some people)

Summer solstice on the 21st.

6/1  Partial eclipse of the sun.  Visible from northern Alaska and parts of northern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, northern parts of Sweden, Norway, and Finland, and parts of Asia.  EarthSky has times for viewing.

6/15 Total lunar eclipse (see EarthSky for details)  Visible from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, southern and eastern South America [for the rest of us, not this time].
Ember Days
6/15  Weather today foretells the weather of July
6/17  Weather today foretells the weather of August
6/18  Weather today foretells the weather of September

Weather for June:
According to the 12 Days of Christmas: Clear, bright sunshine, a few clouds, and getting warmer
According to the first 12 days of January: Sunny, some overcast, warm
According to the Ember Days: Bright, sunny, a few clouds, a few stiff breezes

Weather Lore:
A June damp and warm does the farmer no harm.

If June be sunny, harvest comes early.

A dry June means a good corn crop.

A cold and wet June spoils the rest of the year.
A good leak in June sets all in tune.
A wet June makes a dry September.

When it is hottest in June, it will be coldest in the corresponding days of next February. [I don't even want to think about February yet]

Mist in May and heat in June,
Make the harvest come right soon.

6/1 - 3  If it rains in the first three days of June, there will be no wild grapes.

6/1  If it rains on June 1st, there will be fifty-seven rains in June, July, and August.

6/2  If it rains on June 2nd, there will be no blackberries.
       As the weather is on Ascension, so may be the autumn.

       If it rains on Ascension, there will be a scarcity that year and sickness among cattle.

6/6  If it rains on June 6th, there will be no mast [nuts of forest trees, such as acorns, upon which hogs 'pastured' in the forests feed.]

6/8  If it rains on St. Medard's day, it will rain for forty days, unless it is dry on St. Barnabas [and then all bets are off]
       If it rains on St. Medard's day, there will be a wet harvest.

6/11  If it rains on St. Barnabas' day, it is good for grapes
         On St. Barnabas' Day, it is time to cut your hay.

6/12  Whitsunday bright and clear, will bring a fertile year.
          A dry Whitsun and fine brings a good corn harvest.
then again
          Whitsuntide rain is a blessing for wine [which one do we want, corn or wine? choices, choices...]
on the other hand
          If Whitsunday brings rain, we can expect many a plague.

          Rain at Pentecost forebodes evil.

6/15   If St. Vitus Day be rainy weather, it will rain for thirty days together.

6/19  If it rains on St. Protais' day, it will rain for forty days after.

6/21   As the wind and weather at the solstices, so will they be for the next three months.

6/24  The best hay is made before midsummer.
          If it rains today, we may expect a wet harvest.
          Midsummer rain spoils hay and grain.
          If it rains on St. John's Day, nuts will spoil and wicked women will thrive, but apples, pears, and plums will not be hurt.

6/26   Corpus Christi clear
           Gives a good year.

6/27   If it rains on June 27th, it will rain for seven weeks.

[Let us hope that it rains in between the above days.  A good soak is one thing; drowning my seeds and new plants is quite another]