01 April 2011


Astronomy for April:
Pink Moon on the 17th.

Lyrid Meteor Shower, late night-early morning, on the 22nd-23rd.  A waning gibbous moon will drown out much of it, but EarthSky says to watch anyway.
Weather for April:
Based on the 12 Days of Christmas:  Bright, sunny, cold.
Based on the first 12 days of January:  Bright, clear, with a few clouds, and warm.
Based on the Ember Days:  Cloudy, overcast, rainy.
[I don't think April can make up its mind what to be.]

Weather Lore:
Rain in April will bring a good May.

In April, each drop counts for a thousand.

A wet April makes a dry June.

A cold April will fill the barn.
on the other hand
Warm April, great blessing.

Cold April gives bread and wine [at least in France.  In Spain, however, "A cold April, much bread and little wine".  I prefer a French April.]

When April blows his horn, it's good for both hay and corn.

Moist April, clear June,
Cloudy April, dewy May.

Fogs in April foretell a failure of the wheat-crop next year [at least in Alabama]

Thunderstorm in April is the end of hoar-frost.
It's not April without a frosty crown.
'Til April's dead, change not a thread [don't put your winter woolies away just yet]

Snow in April is manure. [I'm not quite sure what that means.  Manure as fertilizer, or manure as B.S.  After a long winter of too much snow, I'm inclined to think the latter.]

If it thunders on All Fools' Day, it brings good crops of corn and hay.

It it rains on the first day of April, there will be rain for fifteen successive days.

If the first three days are foggy, rain in June will make the lanes boggy.

When on St. George [the 23rd] rye will hide a crow, a good harvest may be expected.