01 February 2011


Astronomy: Full Snow Moon on the 18th
Weather for February:
According to the 12 Days of Christmas:  SNOW! And not just a little snow.  Nope, a blizzard today, with about a foot of SNOW!
According to the first 12 days of January:  Foggy and drizzly; still warm.
According to the Ember Days:  Clear, sunny, and cold.
The weather on the last Sunday of the month indicates the weather of the next month: Chilly.  Some ice to scrape off the car in the morning; sun came out in the afternoon.

Should be interesting to see which prognostication comes closest.

Weather Lore for February:

[The proverbs against a fair February are legion, such as "It is better to see a pack of wolves than a fair February", with the warnings that if February has nice weather, expect bad crops, a dearth of food, animals dying, and people as well.]

There is always one fine week in February.

A snowy February means a fine Spring and Summer, while a fine and sunny February means just the opposite [a snowy Spring and Summer?]

February rain is as good as manure.

If it thunders in February, goose eggs will not hatch.

If bees get out in February, the next day will be windy and rainy.  [Bees are intelligent creatures.  They don't go out in February.  Humans, on the other hand...]

If it rains in February, it will be temperate all the year.
If it rains in February, all the year suffers.
Take your pick - glass half empty or half full...

The days that are cold in February will be warm in March, and the days that are warm in February will be cold in March.

Fogs in February mean frosts in May.

If it thunders in February, there will be snow in May.

If it thunders on a certain day in February, there will be frost on that same day in May.

If it thunders on the last day of February, there will be frost on the last day of May.

There will be as many frosts in June as there are fogs in February.

When it is hottest in June, it will be coldest in the corresponding days of the next February.

As August, so next February [the weather last August was actually quite comfortable, with few temperature extremes and few storms.  Quite unusual.]

Violent north winds in February herald a fertile year

If the ground hog sees his shadow on February 2nd, there will be six more weeks of cold weather.  It is between eleven and one o'clock that the groundhog's shadow is significant.

Saint Dorothea gives the most snow.

If the sun smiles on Saint Eulalie's Day, it is good for apples and cider, they say.

If it is cold on Saint Peter's Day, it will last.

The night of Saint Peter shows what the weather will be for the next forty days.

If it freezes on February 22nd, there will be forty more freezes.

If it freezes on Saint Mathias' Day, it will freeze for a month together.

Saint Romanus bright and clear, indicates a goodly year.