23 January 2011

23 January - Saint Emerentiana

One of the obscure saints.  Saint Emerentiana (or Emerentiane) was the friend and foster-sister of Saint Agnes (see January 21), and possibly the daughter of Agnes' nurse.  While mourning the death of her friend and praying at her tomb in the Via Nomentana, she was discovered by a pagan mob and stoned to death.  Lightning is said to have darted out of the skies and killed many of the assailants.

She is invoked against abdominal pains, colic, and stomach-ache [not sure why.  Maybe she took a couple of stones to the midsection], which is a good reminder to add peppermint and catmint when you are planning your herb garden this year.  An infusion of the dried leaves of either is a sovereign remedy for indigestion and 'nervous stomachs'.

This is the Voice of Experience speaking.  Trust me.