01 December 2010


Astronomy for December: Cold Moon or Hunting Moon on the 21st.

Meteor Showers
Geminid Meteor Shower on December 13 - 14
Ursid Meteor Shower on December 22

Weather for December:
Based on the 12 Days of Christmas: Clear, sunny, cold
Based on the first 12 days of January: Cloudy, with snow in the afternoon
Based on the Ember Days: Bright sunshine, clear skies, comfortable warm
The last Sunday of the month indicates the weather for next month: Clear, brilliant, sunny, and not cold.  This is a gift.

Weather Lore:
Halcyon days begin on the 14th.

Thunder in December presages fine weather.

A clear and bright sun on Christmas Day foretells a peaceable year and plenty.

If the sun shines through an apple tree on Christmas, there will be an abundant crop of apples in the coming year.

A warm Christmas, a cold Easter; A green Christmas, a white Easter.
Easter in snow, Christmas in mud; Christmas in snow, Easter in mud.

If Christmas Day on a Thursday be, a windy winter you shall see; The summer shall be good and dry; corn and beasts will multiply.

If it rains much during the 12 days of Christmas, it will be a wet year.

St. Stephen's Day windy, bad for next years grapes.

If it be lowering and wet on Childermas Day, there will be scarcity; while if the day be fair, it promises plenty.
"Keep your Feet warm by Exercise, your Head cool through Temperance; never eat till you are hungry, nor drink but when Nature requires it."