01 November 2010


Astronomy for November 
Full Beaver Moon (aka Full Frost Moon) on the 21st

Meteor Showers  
South Taurid Meteor Shower on November 4 - 5
North Taurid Meteor Shower on November 11 - 12
Leonid Meteor Shower on November 17 - 18
Andromedid Meteor Shower on November 25-27

Weather for November
Based on the 12 Days of Christmas: Cloudy, chilly, but no snow.
Based on the first 12 Days of January: Clear, bright, chilly
Based on the Ember Days: Rain in the morning, a little sunshine, then overcast for the rest of the day.  Will November be a dreary month?
The last Sunday of the month indicates the weather for next month: Clear, but chilly.

Weather Lore:
As in November, so the following March.

A heavy November snow will last until April.

Thunder in November, a fertile year to come.

Flowers in bloom late in autumn indicate a bad winter.

Ice in November brings mud in December.

If All Saints' Day will bring out the winter, Saint Martin's Day will bring out Indian Summer

If ducks do slide at Martintide, at Christmas they will swim
If there's ice in November that will bear a duck, there will be nothing at Christmas but mud and muck.

If Martinmas is fair, dry, and cold, the cold in winter will not last long.

If the wind is in the south-west at Martinmas, it remains there until after Christmas.

As November 21st, so is the winter.

As at Catherine foul or fair, so will be next February.

"The best Physic this Month is good Exercise, warm Clothes, and wholesome Diet.  But if any Distemper afflict you, finish your Physic this Month, and so rest till March."