01 August 2010

1 August - Lammas Day; Saint Peter in Chains; Swiss National Day


Lammas Day - Bread that is baked from the first harvest of grain is blessed today.  This would also be a good time to take some of the harvest from your garden to be blessed as well.  In all things, give thanks.

Saint Peter ad Vincula (Saint Peter in Chains) - Tudor-philes will recognize the name as that of the Chapel Royal in the Tower of London, wherein Anne Boleyn, her brother George, her cousin Catherine Howard, and her husband's grandniece Lady Jane Grey, are buried.

Colorado Day, which will be celebrated tomorrow (the first Monday in August).

Swiss National Day, commemorating the confederation of three cantons in 1291, the opening salvo in the foundation of Switzerland.

There is a delicious-looking yeast bread that is traditional for today, called 1. August-weggen, which you can see here, along with the way to make the various cuts in the roll that produce the Swiss White Cross.

Someday, I will get that recipe and give it a try.  Meanwhile, in honor of the Swiss, I will turn the cheesecake slated for today's tea into a representation of the Swiss flag, by painting the corners with strawberry glaze in such a way that the White Cross stands out front and center. (A right-angled wedge form made of aluminum foil will probably help to keep the edges straight.)